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I have a special interest in helping those in faith communities who are amongst the LGBTQ+ population.  It can be extremely difficult for LGBTQ+ individuals in religious communities to feel a sense of belonging.  It may even feel like you have to choose your faith or your sexual identity.  That can feel like a pretty costly choice.  It is my experience that spirituality and sexuality can coexist, but that there are complexities and narratives to consider in navigating this space.  I do not engage in conversion therapy, but rather help individuals to navigate the complexities of intersecting identities and make choices in line with their values, whatever those values may be.

I also welcome family members from religious backgrounds who are going through the coming out process with a loved one.  Your experience is unique and often unseen.  Support is essential as you navigate the coming out process with your loved one. 

Lastly, I specialize in working with couples in mixed-orientation marriages (relationships where one partner is gay or bisexual and one is straight).  It can be incredibly complicated when a spouse comes out to you and many therapists are not equipped to handle such situations.  My personal experiences have led me to believe mixed-orientation marriages are not for everyone, but they are also not impossible.  They can thrive emotionally and sexually, just as heteronormative, or same-sex marriages, but it is important to evaluate choices and narratives that may be holding you back.  My goal is not to make decisions for you and your spouse, but to help you evaluate your choices honestly and openly so you can be confident in your decisions and live up to your potential. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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