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Our experiences shape who we are.  As we develop, we unconsciously take on burdens from others.  Those are burdens we do not have to carry.  People often seek therapy when they feel stuck or trapped in their circumstances.  They cannot clearly see a way out.  Interestingly, we often create our own stuck-ness with a disownment of our choices.  My goal is to help you see your choices more clearly, to help you unload burdens you didn’t know you were carrying and to help you evaluate your values so you can make the choices that are most true to your integrity.  As you own your beliefs, act in line with them, and allow others to know you; your sense of self deepens, and you don’t need others to validate you in order to feel valuable.  Paradoxically, this enables you to deepen your relationships with others. 

I see trauma as having a tremendous impact on our brains and know the value of healing.  When we have been mistreated by others, it can have a “scrambling” effect on our minds.  Seeing the picture clearly can bring healing and relief.  Many rely on others for their healing, but the truth is, your healing can take place without the buy in of someone else.  True healing is about taking responsibility for your own actions and choosing to behave in ways YOU respect.  As you see the picture clearly and honestly, you can better understand the role others play in your pain and the role you play.  As you confront yourself and address what you can change, you shore up your sense of self, thus becoming more confident, more loving towards others, and more capable of intimacy.  I cannot promise everyone will experience such results, but I do my best to help you see the picture clearly, so you have the freedom to change if you so desire.


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